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What is the best way to care for newly installed sod?, Oshawa

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Sod Installation near Oshawa: What Is the Best Way to Care For Newly Installed Sod?

Proper care is crucial in the first few weeks after installing new sod to ensure it establishes healthy roots and grows into a lush, vibrant lawn. Watering is the most important aspect of caring for newly installed sod. Water the sod immediately after installation and continue to water it daily for the first two weeks. After the first two weeks, gradually reduce watering to twice a week, ensuring that the soil is thoroughly saturated. Avoid mowing the lawn for the first three weeks and keep foot traffic to a minimum. Fertilizing the lawn six to eight weeks after installation can also help promote healthy growth.

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Sod Installation near Oshawa: What to avoid on Newly placed Sod?

After installing new sod, it's important to avoid certain activities that can damage or hinder its growth. One of the most important things to avoid is foot traffic, as it can cause the sod to shift and separate, preventing it from establishing healthy roots. It's also important to avoid mowing the lawn for the first three weeks to allow the roots to firmly anchor in the soil. Avoid overwatering or underwatering the lawn, as both can have negative effects on its growth. Finally, it's best to avoid using weed killers or fertilizers on the new lawn until it has been established for at least six to eight weeks.

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What is the best way to care for newly installed sod?, Oshawa