Sod, interlocking stone &
property maintenance in
Oshawa and Durham region


Quality You Can Count On

The company has been prompt and thorough in all our needs that our property requires. We use them for both our snow removal and landscaping and would totally recommend them. They professionally clean our parking lot in the winter and groom our grass and grounds in the summer.

Ed Albrecht, Club Lorely Inc

We are delighted with the work Royal Blue completed for us. Our patio and walkway are a real upgrade to our property.

The Schuberts

My mother and I are both new customers and are really pleased with Royal Blue Property Maintenance. The owner, Stephen, is really what sets this landscaping company apart from the competitors. He is so knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. I cannot stress enough how so many of the challenges related to working with contractors stem from poor communication and misaligned expectations. Contractors seem to forget that you aren't just bringing them in to do the work but to guide you to make correct decisions based on their expertise having worked with the materials before, etc. They often don't value or appreciate the customer's perspective on the engagement. Deciding on what services you want/need is based on a lot of factors: your preferences, budget, ability to maintain, existing structures/landscape, etc. Ultimately, you might have a vision for something as a starting point but need the expertise of the person you're hiring to explain why that works or doesn't work. He takes the time to explain the reasoning behind his recommendations and whether the options I were considering could or couldn't be successful for my property. Each option has considerations that someone like myself wouldn't know about - making the expertise of the professional in the design/decision-making process invaluable. I knew he was someone I wanted to work with when he steered me away from expensive yard work that had been previously recommended because he knew I wouldn't see useful results given the nature of my specific situation.


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